Friday words.

"Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself, and don’t make decisions based on what you think other people want or expect from you. It sounds simple, but it is very difficult to tune out all of the external voices and ask, “What am passionate about? What do I like and admire in design? What am I trying to say with my work?” Everyone will answer these questions differently, so that will naturally set you on your own path. If you are true to your own voice, which nobody else has, then that is the value you bring to the world. If you are fulfilling someone else’s desires, you can be easily replaced. Start small, and grow organically. If you want to create something truly unique, I guarantee it will take time to find your voice. "

-Samantha Pleet

Samantha Pleet is a designer in New York and this quote is from a new magazine called The Great Discontent.  You can read parts of this interview online here.  The whole magazine is geared towards creatives and its awesome.  Definitely some inspiring thoughts being shared over there.

A Pick Me Up

So I think fall might be here?  How do you feel about it? I really love fall and have basically been on a natural high from the weather we are having but with the cooler temperatures brings a bittersweet feeling for me.  It means winter is coming and I don't love that.  I think some of you know how I feel.  So whether you absolutely love fall and all the sweaters, scarves and pumpkin everything that goes with it (like me) or you are super annoyed that everyone is obsessing over those things, I have something to hopefully brighten your week. I have to thank my Aunt for this week's pick me up.  She sent me a link to this video and I loved listening to it while I was out on an afternoon walk.  If you are able to listen to this while outside in the sunshine I would highly recommend it because afterwards you will feel amazing.

Either way, I think it is inspiring for young artists and anyone else who wants to try and be successful doing what they love.

Neil Gaiman is the speaker and he is an author that has been on my list of people I want to read.  So if any of you have read his work and have suggestions on what I should start with, send them my way!

I hope you enjoyed the video and have an absolutely wonderful end to your week.