Girls Only Club

It's been a while, but I have a new painting to show you!  I've got quite a few more in the works too so hopefully I'll be able to keep 'em coming.

This piece was super fun to make.  I made it for a friend who recently had a birthday and also totally hooked me up with a bunch of awesome wooden boards to paint on so I definitely needed to repay her.  I won't explain it all here, but if you know my friend Kelly, then you know that a sign saying "GIRLS ONLY CLUB" is completely appropriate.  

Anyways, as you can see it incorporated text and pattern like I've done in previous pieces.  I definitely enjoy creating work like that, but after I finish them I'm usually craving something more illustrative for my next piece.  Which is my current situation now, so no surprise there.  

As you can see above in the in progress photos, per usual I started off with different design elements that got tweaked and redone throughout the creating process.  There is also hints of gold, small time consuming details, and lots of ruler action that had to happen. You know, the usual torture I put myself through but actual totally love.  Which you already know if you know me and are familiar with my previous work.  If you're not, check out the rest of my work by going to the "work" page (I know, pretty confusing) and check it out!  You'll notice that I really do believe that every piece needs a little gold.  Okay, okay so lastly and probably most importantly, below is the finished product!  Feel free to let me know what you think and have a wonderful day!