The Latest!

Hey there!  

I've got a new painting and other exciting art news to share today but first, a quick bit of real talk. Over the past few months I went through a phase in my artistic process where I tried having multiple paintings going at once.  I know a lot of artists work this way, choosing whatever piece they are most drawn to whenever they sit down to work.  I thought this would be great for me, but it turns out that I ended up just moving on to a new painting whenever I felt frustrated or stuck.  Flash back to a year ago when I started my one painting a week challenge, I am reminded how amazing it felt to become enveloped and focus all of my energy into one piece.  Completing a piece and knowing I get to start the process all over again creating whatever I want is one of the most rewarding feelings I get as an artist.  I recently realized I want (and need)  that back.  Therefore, my working process is shifting once again, and I'm excited about it.  Hopefully it means you can be excited too because I will probably be actually finishing paintings more often.  I also plan to play around with painting smaller, using some new materials, and exploring my artistic practice further; all potentially exciting outcomes. 

Whew.  I hope I didn't lose everyone through that essay I just wrote but I'm a girl that needs to ramble every now an then and I really love talking out my plans.  (My friends are probably nodding in agreement right now)  Anyways, If you're still here and reading, I've got a new painting to show you!!  If you've been keeping up with me then you probably saw some progress photos a while back, but as mentioned above, I let myself get a little sidetracked for a bit.  Not to worry though, this baby is finished and I actually have an extra little guy I finished as well that I figured I'd show you.

To refresh your memory I'll show some of the stages.

And below is the final product!  This guy is 16'' x 20'', acrylic on plywood.  And the exciting art news I mentioned earlier is that this painting as well as 10-15 others of mine will be hung one week from today in a cute little coffee shop here in the city.  If you happen to be local, it is Cafe La Vie on Octavia & Hayes.  If you can't see it in person, don't worry, I'll post a few pics here on the old blog once everything is hung on the wall.  It's a casual little venue, but I'll be showing solo so it feels like a pretty nice step in the right direction.

Below you can see a detail image of the heart, as well as the other little guy I said I finished.  The little one is 6'' x 12'' acrylic on wood.  Sooo I guess the last thing I'll say is that I'm obviously really into polka dots these days.  I don't know, just go with it.