Tangents on Friday

I am currently sitting at my desk with my afternoon coffee and it feels so nice.  The flavor of my coffee is called "chocolate nirvana" and it is actually pretty good.  I think I can taste the chocolate, but that might just be from the chocolate covered espresso beans I just ate.  The espresso beans are from Trader Joe's and they are amazing.  I suggest you give them a try if you find yourself at TJ's.  Also, I'm totally obsessed with TJ's and its one of the big bummers of moving out of Milwaukee, because I don't have one in my city anymore. Fun fact about me is I also worked there for a day.  That's a whole other story.  Basically what I'm saying is that if you ever want to talk about the amazingness of Trader Joe's products, I am your girl. espresso beans

A few more tangents about my week...

On Monday, my best friend Erin and I bought our flights to Seattle!  Erin lives in Alaska so I don't get to see her anywhere near as much as I would like, but this trip will probably make up for it just a little bit.  Really though, I can't wait to go.  We are going to meet in Seattle at the end of September and spend 3 days there and then head up to Portland to spend 3 days there as well.  Both are places that I have never been but have always wanted to visit.  It doesn't hurt that I have considered moving that direction so this trip will be really helpful in figuring out if I would truly want to make the PNW my home.  If anyone has been to either of those cities and has suggestions on things to check out definitely let me know!

On Tuesday, I finished The Bees by Laline Paull.  Gotta admit, I didn't love it.  Ever find yourself half way through a book, waiting for it to get good and realizing that it isn't going to but you feel like you still have to finish it because you already got that far?  That is what happened to me.  Lets hope my next book turns out better. I have been dying for a real page turner and have been struggling to find one.  Suggestions are more than appreciated.

The Bees

On Wednesday, Courtney and I showed our friend Andrew, Blackfish.  We were perusing netflix, looking for a documentary to watch and then I found out Andrew hadn't seen it yet.  For everyone who has seen it, you know that Blackfish has a weird power that makes you suddenly want everyone else to see it and care about it as much as you do. If you haven't, well then you should probably do yourself a favor and jump on the bandwagon.  Really though, it is just super interesting, sad, eye-opening, etc. and you won't be bored for an hour and a half.

Completely unrelated to Blackfish, my mom gave me two new body washes a couple weeks ago that she wasn't using.  I couldn't decide which to use first so I put both in my shower.  Just realized yesterday that for the past two weeks I have been mindlessly picking the Japanese Cherry Blossom ONLY when I am showering before work.  Cashmere Glow is chosen the rest of the time.  This is funny to me because I work at a Japanese/Asian restaurant and apparently my subconscious thought it was important I smell like a Japanese tree while I am there.

Body wash

Yesterday I also started giving myself a little dread maintenance.  It consists of me taking each dread and tying a rubber band around the base.  Doing this encourages the fly away hairs to start dreading and keeps my dreads from growing together.  It looks a little funny for the first couple weeks but I only do it about once every 6 months.  Definitely worth it to ensure that my dreads will keep looking nice as long as I have them.  I'll do a more in depth post about my dread locks and how I take care of them if anyone is interested!


On the art and painting front I have spent my week working on a new painting. (Will be posted on Monday for Painting of the Week!) I also bought a couple new supplies.  Just some paintbrushes, a protractor/ruler and matte varnish.  The matte varnish is particularly exciting because after applying it to my finished paintings they are now officially ready to be sold!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Tomorrow I get to babysit Wesley (my nephew) and I still plan on visiting the U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship this weekend!

I'll leave you with a picture of my current hair style.  Because well, it's Friday.