Painting of the Week #7

Have you ever been super motivated to do something, but then lacked the inspiration to get it done?  I hope I'm not alone in this feeling because that is pretty much what happened to me this week on the painting front.  I painted everyday and genuinely looked forward to working on my art each time.  Unfortunately, I didn't feel very inspired by what I was making. I thought I was doing a good job of creating whatever came to mind and not over thinking my process.  When I look back at my week now though, I don't think I was being that true to myself.  Yes, I would start sketching and painting whatever came to mind, but in the back of my mind I think I was being heavily influenced by a thought in the back of my mind.  That thought being, "you need to create artwork that sells."

Now that I am reflecting and actually thinking about my time spent painting I can see that I was very focused on wanting to make designs that people would want or things I could picture being printed onto products.  At the time, I thought creating in this way would be the best use of my time, but I think I proved to myself that it isn't the and pink

Being profitable and being able to grow a business with art is definitely something I hope to do.  It is most definitely a goal of mine and not one that I am going to ever give up.  While I would love to see my work printed onto products and hung in people's homes, I need it to be artwork  that I truly love before that happens. I don't think many successful businesses are started by someone who isn't proud of the product.  I learned this week that for me to be proud of the products I hope to make and the art I hope to distribute, I need to start by making work that is true to me.  I can't let outside pressure to hurry and make a profit affect how I create.  I found out that when I do that, I end up making work that I only partially like.  Which is totally not okay with and grey

So the photos I'm showing you are some of the things I was dabbling with all week long.  I don't hate them, I don't love them.  That's probably why I dabbled so much.  I was creating things that I didn't love so I just couldn't get myself to fully invest.  To be honest I don't know if any of them are "done" but I don't really care.  The red geometric pattern took up way too much of my time to end of being something I don't really like.  I'm obviously a little salty about that so I won't be giving it any more of my time. And just so you know, I also took a stab at watercolors for the first time in years and lets just say I'm not showing any pictures of that for a

Moving on from this dud of an art making week, my goal is to just remember to stay true to myself artistically.  That may sound lame and cheesy but I really think it is a necessary goal.  This won't be the only time in my life that I will feel a pressure that I could let negatively affect my art.  I'm going to try to channel that pressure into motivation to create art that I would want printed on products or I would love to have hung in my home.  Because if I don't love it, how can I expect anyone else to?