Lightening Up

 This morning I cut all 37 of my dreadlocks.  My first thought upon waking was less of a thought and more of an intense urge that they needed to be trimmed.  So that is exactly what I did.  I got out of bed, put on my robe and grabbed the scissors.  Three minutes later, I completed the quickest haircut ever and felt pretty darn happy.  Acting on instinct and leaving no time for doubt just feels good. If I had waited, it maybe wouldn't have happened.  I would have thought about how trimming a few inches is actually like losing a year or two in dreadlock time, I would have felt too proud of the length I had, and I would have let myself be too attached to something that in the end, grows back.

After the trimming, I felt lighter.  Lighter in a literal sense because dreadlocks are heavy and I lost a little of that weight.  To my surprise I experienced immediate comfort in my neck, a comfort I didn't even realize it wanted.  Feeling lighter went a little deeper then that though.  I felt lighter because realizing you can have trust and faith in yourself takes some weight off of your shoulders. This morning, I gave myself that trust and I didn't question my desires.  I followed my intuition without any doubt.  I didn't let attachments cloud my judgement.  My reward for that?  I got to run my fingers through my hair all day and remember how amazing it feels to get a haircut.

Today I'm treasuring small moments, reminded that the value they hold is a beautiful thing.