Future Blog Thoughts

 Hey there, lately my posts have been kind of few and far between so it feels good to be back and ready to type out my thoughts.  Today I wanted to talk about this little blog I have here and my future plans for it, or lack of future plans.  Let me explain.  Lately, I've been feeling bad that since my move I haven't posted more, or had my usual weekly posts such as painting of the week or friday link-ups to share with you.  I wish I did, but life has been busy since moving across the country and to be honest my mind has been on other things.  I've wanted to stop in and say hello, or share a quick thought, but have stopped myself because I don't have the time, energy, or fully thought out idea ready to create an elaborate post.

I've come to the realization that, that isn't how I want this little space to be.  I don't want it to be a space that I feel pressure to produce something or that what I want to say needs to fit into a certain category in order for me to say it.  So moving forward, I am going to make this little blog a space that I share whatever it is my heart desires.  This means you'll probably see my artwork and my process of creation.  I want to show what I'm working on, what I'm inspired by, when I feel frustrated or stuck, and finished pieces that I'm proud of.  While I have loved doing painting of the week posts, I am feeling drawn to a more relaxed feel of creating and sharing.  You can be sure that I am still painting every day that I can, but if I don't finish one painting each week, I'm not going to sweat it.  I'm going to take the pressure off, and I'm excited to see how that shows through in my future work.

Besides art, I want to share my other thoughts and passions with you on here.  This means you'll probably see a book review or two, snapshots of my life recently and places I've explored.  I want to share interactions, big or small, moments that meant something to me, and yes, I'm still going to share my thoughts about life.  Basically, I'm giving myself the permission to do whatever I want.  To share a post that took me hours to write because I couldn't contain my spilling thoughts, or to share a single picture, short thought, or quick hello, just because that is what I felt like at the time.

So maybe this blog won't change a whole lot, or maybe it will seem very different.  Maybe I'll have weeks where I post every day or maybe I'll have weeks where I'm only able to drop in once.  We'll have to see, but I hope you stop by now and then and find a little enjoyment.  I'm probably not going to share each post on facebook, so if you usually find my blog through there, just know you won't be getting all the action all the time.  If you are interested in supporting me, tuning into my inspirations and thoughts, or have found this blog entertaining so far, you can always follow it in other ways.  Bloglovin' is an awesome way to follow all the blogs you love and then you never miss a post and can catch up whenever you have the time.  Otherwise, I do have a subscribe area on the sidebar where you can just enter your email and it will notify you whenever I post.  Just a couple options if you were interested in that.  Whatever you do, I hope if you continue to look at my blog you enjoy this new relaxed approach, and the love for what I post shows through.  Thanks to everyone who's followed along with my journey through life so far, you are very much appreciated.