24 Years

 On Tuesday I turned 24.  I'm not one to make a big deal about my birthday,  and seeing that 24 doesn't bring any new privileges in life, my birthday this year was very low key.   I spent the day doing whatever I wanted which happened to include a lot of the things I do on a regular basis anyways.  I sipped my coffee slowly in the morning, I finished a painting, I went for a beautiful hike with two of my best friends, and had a casual dinner out at a mexican restaurant.  To top it all off, I ended my night with a bath. It was a perfect day.

So while my day wasn't over the top or crazy, it is still a day I will probably never forget.  I realized this last night while I was thinking about my birthday and how I felt now being 24.  While I did get a sudden twinge of "OMG 24 IS SO OLD" panic, that quickly subsided and I was able to think about what turning 24 means to me.

The past year a lot has happened.  I've had many ups and downs and I know I've grown and learned more about who I truly am then any other year of my life.  That feels pretty amazing to me.  If I can say that at all of my birthdays to come I will be one satisfied lady. So many events shaped me, including graduating from college, saying goodbye to the roommates I had and the city I lived in for the past 5 years, moving back home, going on a road trip down south, and then recently my trip to the west.  Each of these experiences have taught me about myself, but I think what has been most pivotal in my growth is finally putting my happiness first.  This year I truly focused on learning about me.  My wants, needs, passions, and goals for my life.

It hasn't always been easy, but prioritizing and learning about yourself forces you to come to terms with a lot of personal truths.  Confronting my fears, discovering my weaknesses, and challenging myself has been hard, but with hard times comes so much good.  So as I continue to grow, these things will forever be a part of me, but with life's challenges I am learning to give myself grace, which is something I am so thankful for.

So I won't be forgetting how this year has changed me.  I won't forget being able to spend this birthday with my family and friends.  People that I love and  haven't spent a birthday with since high school and maybe won't again for some time.  And with this birthday comes so much excitement about my future plans. Those I will be announcing soon, which will include a lot of changes.  So 24 signifies a year of growth and makes me so grateful for the people I get to be surrounded by right now.  I can't wait to see everything that happens before 25, as I am forever being reminded that everything always turns out exactly how it was meant to be.